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TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is the world's largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry. TSMC plays a crucial role in driving technological progress through its semiconductor manufacturing, serving as a key partner for companies that outsource chip manufacturing.

Why do we own it?

The omnipresence of technology in our lives is anchored in the microchips that power everything from smartphones to cars. At the heart of this technological ecosystem is TSMC. As the world's leading semiconductor foundry, TSMC manufactures the chips that are essential for the advancement of technology.

The demand for advanced computer chips has surged with the advent of artificial intelligence, the electrification of vehicles, the rollout of 5G technology, and the expansion of the Internet of Things. TSMC stands at the forefront of this growth, not just as a manufacturer, but as a collaborator deeply integrated into the research and development efforts of its major customers, including industry giants like Apple, AMD, and NVIDIA.

The company's unique foundry model, which ensures it never competes with its customers, has cemented its position as a trusted partner in the industry. TSMC's commitment to pushing the boundaries of semiconductor technology, coupled with its strategic importance in the global tech landscape, makes it an indispensable player in the ongoing technological revolution.

Who is key?

Dr. C.C. (Mark) Liu is the Chairman of TSMC, leading the world's largest semiconductor foundry and a key player in the global technology industry. His strategic vision and leadership have been instrumental in TSMC's dominance in semiconductor manufacturing, contributing significantly to the advancement of technology and the proliferation of high-performance computing devices. Dr. Liu's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction aligns with the core values of long-term investors seeking stable and forward-looking companies. Under his guidance, TSMC continues to push the boundaries of Moore's Law, ensuring its pivotal role in shaping the future of technology.

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