The Brandtech Group

The future of marketing lies at the intersection of the real, social, and virtual worlds.

The Brandtech Group is a technology holding company. It invests in innovative companies building tech-enabled ways for global brands to do their marketing more efficiently in a ‘post-advertising’ era.

Why do we own it?

The Brandtech Group is a marketing technology company that helps brands do their marketing better, faster and cheaper using the latest technology. The company sits at the intersection of the dramatic growth in mobile, the impending revolution in augmented reality and AI, and frustrated global companies looking for brand and tech-literate partners. The Brandtech Group’s services are in step with industry trends as the sector is seeing a crop of new players rising to try and take business from the established advertising players. The traditional model for advertising was to ‘piggyback’ on media and use interruptive messages that sought to persuade consumers. As a result, ‘old world’ companies have saturated the media with advertising, and consumers have become desensitised to it. The premise of Brandtech is not to interrupt consumers’ experiences but instead to make those experiences better and more fun.

It now owns majority stakes in companies including data specialist 55 and mobile marketing firm Mobkoi, and minority stakes in many more, including Pokémon Go maker Niantic, visual bookmarking platform Pinterest and ad-tech company Beeswax.

Who is key?

David Jones is the visionary founder of the Brandtech Group. He is an advertising veteran, describing himself as a ‘believer’. At the very dawn of the internet, he was responsible for opening one of the world’s first digital advertising agencies in 1998. Jones believes in ‘Social Business’, a concept built around the premise that “without a purpose beyond profit, people won’t work for you or buy your products.”


First bought

in June 2015 (formerly known as You & Mr Jones). 

We think the phrase ‘brandtech’ will be used in the same way as fintech or biotech in the coming years.


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