The company streaming music to our ears

Mobile phone on a table with the Spotify app open on the login screen.
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What does it do?

Spotify is the largest music streaming platform in the world and is profoundly changing the music industry.

Why do we invest?

Spotify is the world's leading streaming service that is reshaping the music industry. It has created a platform where artists can own copyright and be heard by new listeners, while fans get more choice and closer relationships with artists. 

Spotify faces formidable opponents in the form of Apple and Amazon who are wrestling for users’ subscriptions. However, Spotify has risen quickly to become the industry leader by making music a constant companion, and creating machine-generated personalised playlists. Exponential growth in podcast production is also increasing user engagement.

Spotify gives artists access to unparalleled data analytics, providing better insights into what listeners want, as well as opening new markets. Spotify can do what the labels did for artists, but with more data, at a lower cost and without making any demand on copyright ownership.

Who is key?

Daniel Ek is thinking on a universal scale for Spotify; he wants to put it “in front of every single person on the face of this universe who’s interested in music.” He is also committed to making it possible for creators to live off their art.


Founded in: 2006

Invested in: 2015

Went public: 2018


Headquartered: Sweden

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