Meeting the universal and unquenchable thirst for insight through data.

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform designed to safely and efficiently store, transform and analyse business data.

Why do we own it?

Snowflake’s aim is to remove friction by empowering organisations with a modern cloud-based data platform to deliver near real-time data insights that scale instantly as business needs evolve.

Snowflake is available globally on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud and by having a common and interchangeable code base, customers can move data to any cloud in any region effortlessly. This is a huge advantage for customers who include Adobe, Deliveroo and Strava.

Snowflake sits at the intersection of several exciting growth drivers surrounding data analytics. As the amount of data is exploding, the type of data is expanding. The resulting cost and complexity involved in turning data into real insight are proving difficult for the traditional providers. Snowflake’s first-mover advantage in this field, combined with a rapidly growing addressable market, should enable the company to displace weak incumbent providers and capitalise on these powerful forces.

Who is key?

Chairman and former CEO Frank Slootman wrote a book Tape Sucks in 2011 which offers first-hand insights into what it takes to build a great business in Silicon Valley. He writes, “Company culture is the only enduring, sustainable form of differentiation… we don’t have a monopoly for very long on talent, technology or capital; the only thing that is unique is how we chose to come together as a group of people”.


First bought

in March 2020.

Snowflake’s market grows if more organisations become more data-driven which we know is the direction of travel.


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