PDD Holdings

A virtual bazaar

Farmer walks through a rice paddy high up a hill with a basket on their back.

What does it do?

PDD is an innovative ecommerce platform providing buyers with value-for-money merchandise and fun and interactive shopping experiences. The company was founded with the aim of targeting the hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who live in more rural provinces.

Why do we invest?

PDD is a young company with a very differentiated culture. It has firmly established itself as the value option in the Chinese consumer’s mind. PDD built its platform to resemble a ‘virtual bazaar’ where buyers browse and explore a full spectrum of products while interacting with one another. Buyers can share product information on popular social networks and invite their friends and family to purchase together, through which they enjoy not only the fun of discovery and shopping but a comprehensive selection of value-for-money products.

PDD is now the most extensive online marketplace for agricultural products in China, striving to improve the productivity and efficiency of the entire agriculture supply chain. By making agricultural products more easily discoverable and enabling the aggregation of demand, PDD is widening market access for farmers by increasing the potential pool of buyers and matching demand with supply. PDD sees enormous promise in agriculture as it is an industry with one of the lowest rates of digitalisation. The company could build an open and inclusive digital ecosystem and transform the manufacturing industry in China.

Who is key?

Founder Colin Huang summarises PDD’s corporate mission: “People living in the five rings of Beijing wouldn’t understand our purpose… it’s not about facilitating Shanghainese people to live like Parisians but enabling people in provinces like Anhui to have kitchen towels and good food to eat.”

Important information

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