Disrupting the cosmetics industry one brand at a time.

ODDITY is a consumer tech platform transforming the global beauty and wellness market. It specialises in online-only direct-to-consumer brands. It offers high-quality products in high-retention categories at prestige price points. ODDITY’s technology removes the primary frictions of online purchasing while leveraging a common data-driven platform to iteratively launch brands with significant sales potential.

Why do we own it?

ODDITY differentiates itself in the competitive beauty and wellness industry with its unique, technology-driven approach and direct-to-consumer sales model. This strategy, diverging from traditional industry methods, leverages advanced data analytics to guide product development and marketing, directly tapping into consumer needs and preferences.

Focusing on cosmetics and skincare, ODDITY utilises its online-only model to explore and meet untapped consumer demands. Its strength lies in its high-quality products, developed and marketed through a rigorous, data-driven process. Instead of creating products that customers would need to try in a store, ODDITY uses data and AI to make tailored product recommendations for clients. This approach ensures that ODDITY's offerings resonate with the evolving preferences of today's consumers, addressing their main concerns with innovative solutions.

What truly sets ODDITY apart is its adeptness at online marketing and its commitment to introducing first-in-class products. This deep understanding of digital marketing dynamics, combined with a track record of pioneering in the beauty space, positions ODDITY as a formidable player. It's this blend of innovation, quality, and consumer insight that equips ODDITY for sustained growth in the rapidly changing beauty and wellness landscape.

Who is key?

Founded by self-defined outsiders, ODDITY’s leadership team is focused on long-term growth. Co-founder, Oran Holtzman is the CEO and is front and centre in steering the company in disrupting the traditional cosmetics industry with a tech-driven approach. His vision for ODDITY is to build a new type of Consumer Packaged Goods company that leverages data and technology to launch brands with significant sales potential without relying on moving into wholesale.

Co-founder and CFO of ODDITY, Lindsay Drucker-Mann, brings a wealth of experience from her 16 years covering the industry at Goldman Sachs. Her transition to ODDITY demonstrates her belief in the company's potential. Lindsay's role will be instrumental in guiding ODDITY through its future growth phases.

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