Designing drugs on a computer

Three glass vaccine vials labelled COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna.
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What does it do?

Moderna is a biotech company developing treatments using messenger RNA (mRNA).

Why do we invest?

mRNA has transformational potential by pioneering a new class of medicines that leverage the body’s natural protein production apparatus to treat diseases.

Moderna has laid the foundations to scale drug development, an ambition that sets it apart from other biotech companies.

The company has a diverse pipeline looking for cures for the four ‘big killers’ – cardiovascular disease, cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Who is key?

Chair Noubar Afeyan co-founded Moderna via Flagship Pioneering in 1999. Flagship Pioneering is revolutionising the entrepreneurial process in biotech by linking fundamental research with business expertise and investment.


Founded in: 2010

Invested in: 2020


Headquartered: U.S.

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