An impressively influential, innovative and sustainable luxury group.

A global luxury group, Kering presides over an impressive portfolio of renowned houses in fashion, leather goods and jewellery. Its brands include Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Boucheron and Alexander McQueen.

Why do we own it?

The creative teams of Kering’s underlying brands operate in a distinct and decentralised way. Kering’s culture is centred on a willingness to experiment artistically and is expressed through its signature motto, ‘empowering imagination’.

The company’s exciting growth prospects over the next decade are underpinned by innovative projects in new fabrics and manufacturing processes, online sales, and the international expansion of the group’s smallest brands. We are also excited by experiments in digital luxury, with some virtual Gucci goods, such as sneakers and handbags, selling for more than their physical counterparts. 

Environmental leadership is a given for the group as a new generation of customers demands a higher bar for sustainable practices. Kering has pioneered the creation of a Fashion Pact, which is driving for the elimination of single-use plastics, widespread adoption of renewable energy sources, and the promotion of regenerative agriculture. This is a company that is forging a path in integrating sustainability into a notoriously harmful industry.  

Who is key?

Kering was founded as a timber-trading company in 1963 by François Pinault, whose son, François-Henri Pinault, has been president and CEO since 2005. We consider Pinault among the most remarkable CEOs in the world due to his patience and entrepreneurialism which drive the company’s culture. 

First bought

in May 2007.

Kering’s identity today is the result of its unique history.


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