Securing and accelerating digital networks

CloudFlare logo is displayed on a smartphone with stock market percentages on the background.

What does it do?

Cloudflare's mission is to create a better Internet. The company operates a global network of data centres embedded in the 'pipes' of the Internet and offers a range of services to improve websites' and applications' security, performance, and reliability.

Why do we invest?

Focused on enhancing internet security and performance, Cloudflare has experienced significant growth in recent years driven by its ability to bundle its products (some customers now utilise 10+ services). Cloudflare has attracted a diverse customer base including car rental firms, Major League Baseball and the US Government.

It operates an ‘edge network’, where client data is processed at the periphery of a network as close to the sources as possible, helping with speed and efficiency, critical for tasks such as automation and real-time data analysis.

Cloudflare’s vast global network can reach 95 per cent of the world’s population within 50 milliseconds and handles up to 140 billion cyberattacks daily.

At the cutting edge of internet security, Cloudflare continues to effectively disrupt its competition, exploring innovations in edge computing, AI, and other emerging technologies.

Who is key?

Co-founder and CEO Matthew Price is shaping the company's vision and strategy, focusing on improving the Internet for all.


Founded in: 2012

Invested in: 2020

Went public: 2020


Headquartered: U.S.

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