A business of multiple great businesses, when most are lucky to have one.

A ubiquitous name that needs little introduction, Amazon is an online retailer, ecommerce platform, logistics business, cloud computing host, entertainment platform, film studio, tech hardware provider and much more. 

Why do we own it?

Amazon has spent 20 years methodically building what could best be described as ‘infrastructure’ for large swathes of the economy. Competitively, Amazon’s exceptionally wide moat stems from its scale, which represents a nearly insurmountable barrier to entry for competitors. Its culture and mission remain resolutely customer-centric and has famously tolerated near-term discomfort in the search for long-term value creation.

What is underappreciated is how long Amazon’s growth could endure, with multiple growth opportunities in AI, advertising, original content, and grocery delivery still in their early days.

Who is key?

The legacy of Jeff Bezos is now enshrined in the culture of the business. Successor Andy Jassy will continue to manage Amazon with a similar long-term mindset.


First bought

in October 2005.

Amazon has supercharged the relationship between demand and supply.


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 Amazon Prime lorries are seen at the Amazon fulfilment centre with one driving away.

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