Strength in solving complexity.

A founder-run Dutch payments platform.

Why do we own it?

Adyen’s reputation in the industry, among customers, partners, and even competitors, is remarkable. The company is proving its dominance among large businesses that want to accept multiple non-cash payment methods and serve customers across multiple channels and geographies. We believe merchants with one or more of these requirements will represent a growing proportion of the enormous $20tn payments market, as consumers continue to shift away from cash and as ecommerce compels businesses across all industries to adopt multi-channel modes of transacting. Adyen’s comprehensive payment management software has proven itself unmatched in meeting these merchant needs. This accounts for its rapid growth rates and incredibly loyal customers.

Who is key?

Arnout Schuijff started the company in 2006 with Pieter van der Does, who is the company’s CEO. The company's management has a long-term mindset. It doesn't bother with quarterly or even annual earnings guidance. In Van der Does’ words, "the way we built our business is how you do it if you think you’ll run it for decades rather than a short window".


First bought

in November 2020.

“If you want a single vendor who can allow you to immediately accept more than 200 different payment methods from all around the world, you have to work with Adyen.” Joe Billante, eBay


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