Charging low fees
How much you pay makes a difference

We spend a lot of our time backing disruptive companies. So it’s only right that we think about how Scottish Mortgage itself could be disruptive. We do this by keeping fees low.

Put simply, lower charges directly translate into shareholders keeping more of the returns generated from their investment. Our shareholders also benefit from our access to private companies, but without paying fees normally associated with private equity funds.

And when it comes to private companies, we are democratising access for investors at low cost. This enables you to invest in these companies at a fraction of the cost of venture capitalist firms.

As with our approach to investing, scale is important. The more the Trust grows, the more we can pass on the benefits of scale to our shareholders through lower fees. So not only can you access the world’s most exciting growth companies, the fees we charge you to do so, make Scottish Mortgage accessible too.

More on our philosophy
Finding companies that can transform society
Seeking the outliers
Giving transformation time to happen
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