The most visited fashion app in Europe.

Zalando is Europe’s leading fashion platform, using AI to sell a wide array of fashion goods via its app.

Why do we own it?

We are excited by the potential for a large proportion of fashion spending to move online in Europe over the next decade. Zalando should be well placed to capitalise on this, given the company’s significant brand recognition, technological lead, and scale advantages. We also believe that having a founder management team with a long-term focus is a critical strength. While some digital businesses accelerated by the pandemic may seem closer to maturity, we don’t think this is true for Zalando.

We believe that the company will drive and benefit from growth in online fashion spending. Its investments in logistics, building out the Partnership Programme, recycling and sustainability initiatives leave Zalando in an excellent position to capitalise on this opportunity. 

Who is key?

Founders Robert Gentz and David Schneider own around 60 per cent of the company meaning their interests align with ours. Cristina Stenbeck’s position as Chair strengthens alignment. She is best known for previously being the Chair of Zalando’s former largest investor Kinnevik, which was set up to manage the Stenbeck family’s interests, and is a Scottish Mortgage holding.


First bought

in September 2014.

An online mall with over 3,000 high street to high fashion brands

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Stack of Zalando branded cardboard boxes.

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