Unlocking the power of the human genome.

Illumina is a world leader in gene-sequencing technology. In simple terms, they make machines which sequence genetic code, enabling Illumina’s customers to better understand, diagnose and treat diseases.

Why do we own it?

In the early 2000s, the cost of sequencing a human genome exceeded $1bn. This has now fallen to under $1,000. This rapid reduction in price has increased the adoption of genome sequencing across an array of scientific practices, including oncology and disease diagnosis. Illumina’s technology has already become the de-facto standard which underpins most of the clinical testing industry, and we believe that, in time, their tools will support the development of a whole host of new clinical applications.

Who is key?

Jay Flatley is an influential figure in the world of genomics, and through him, our understanding of this space has extended beyond Illumina. Flatley is now chair, and Acting CEO of Zymergen and serves as a member of the board of Denali Therapeutics Inc, both of which are held by Scottish Mortgage. Francis de Souza, the current CEO, is also a key figure in the Illumina story, passionately driving the company forward even further.


First bought

in March 2011.

The genomics revolution promises to transform the way in which diseases are diagnosed, prevented, and treated.


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Close-up of scientist pipetting sample in multi well plate for DNA analysis with genetic results in background.

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